Knotty Bits Pirate Circus Show

The Knotty Bits Pirate Circus is what happens when Cap’n Sylver Fyre, First  Mate Gwyd the Unusual and the crew of the Dread Ship Knotty Bits make landfall and test their piratical skills out on solid ground. Whether showing how to keep their balance on a swaying deck, fitting through a hole smaller than the barrel of a cannon, or the first mate dodging the Captains whip, it is all just leading up to a spectacular performance with the crew climbing into the rigging and sails of their landlocked ship! Prepare to be amazed as these stunning scallywags take to the skies to twist, twine and fling themselves from nearly 30 feet in the air- to stop mere inches from the ground. A fast paced, genuine, up close, too funny for words pirate circus...without the risk of scurvy!

Show adapatbility:
  • This show can adapt to time blocks as little as 20 minutes to 45 minutes. 

  • Staging area, clear and flat space, with a minimum of 8 feet deep by 14 feet wide. Width is more important than depth.  The stage can be raised or just an area on the ground/floor.

  • We bring our own (50 w) sound system,  good for an audience of around 100-150. 



Aerial finale requires :
  • Height:  We prefer to have at least a 25 foot clearing/ceiling. 

  • Floor space: We generally work on our portable aerial rig which is a tripod with a footprint of about 20 feet on each side of the triangle. This can be performed outdoors or in with no anchoring of any sort. 

  • The area beneath the rig must not be part of a pathway, to prevent people from going under the rig while it is set. 

  • The rig can be set over a stage and the area beneath the rig can be used as performance space. 

  • We do not require any assistance in the set up or take down beyond personnel to keep people clear of the area while the rig is being set up. No personnel is needed if we have access to the performance site before the faire opens. 

  • For Indoor Events: There is the possibility of rigging from a structural support beam but we would need to see images of the ceiling, know the exact height and a method of access. All structural rigging must be pre-approved by Knotty Bits personnel. 


 Email us for our full tech specs and rider