Knotty Bits Stage Show


Knotty Bits is  a family friendly traveling circus and sideshow stage act.

As seen on AMC’s new show “Showville,” see the enchanting Sylver Fyre dazzle with her world famous fire eating act or cracking bullwhips while Gwyd the Unusual does everything he can to keep from being hurt by broken glass, pointy nails and the most dangerous thing of all...Sylver.


This dynamic duo, along with their band of misfits, presents a fast and funny act designed to appeal to all audiences. Expect audience participation and getting a good laugh as you watch feats of strength and pure stupidity with a grand Cirque finale up in the air! 

Show adapatbility:
  • This show can adapt to time blocks as little as 10 minutes to 60 minutes. 

  • Staging area, clear and flat space, with a minimum of 8 feet deep by 14 feet wide. Width is more important than depth.  The stage can be raised or just an area on the ground/floor.

  • We can use your sound system or bring our own (50 w)   good for an audience of around 100-150. Performers must use wireless mics (headsets or over the ear only)



Aerial finale requires :
  • Height:  We prefer to have at least a 25 foot ceiling. We can do less if we know ahead of time. 

  • Floor space: We generally work on our portable aerial rig which is a tripod with a footprint of about 20 feet on each side of the triangle. This can be performed indoors or out with no anchoring of any sort. 

  • The area beneath the rig must be roped off or otherwise marked to prevent people from going under the rig while it is set. Set up of the rig requires about 15 minutes once it is loaded in and can be taken down just as fast.

  • We do not require any assistance in the set up or take down beyond personnel to keep people clear of the area while the rig is being set up. 

  • There is the possibility of rigging from a structural support beam but we would need to see images of the ceiling, know the exact height and a method of access. All structural rigging must be pre-approved by Knotty Bits personnel. 


 Email us for our full tech specs and rider